Tuli Block

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Tuli Block

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Tuli Block is located along Botswana’s south-eastern border with South Africa and is a unique stretch of land ranging from sub-tropical river valleys, open grasslands, woodland, to Kalahari sandveld.

Historically known as the Tuli enclave, Tuli Block has a fascinating frontier history. Famous for its ancient rocks, Tuli Block radiates an old world feel lending a special appeal to the area. Set in a landscape of spectacular natural beauty the Tuli Block integrates the Mashatu Game Reserve, Tuli Nature Reserve and other smaller game reserves.

Mashatu Game Reserve comprises 25,000 hectares of unspoiled and preserved wilderness in eastern Botswana. The seemingly endless plains range from savannah to riverine forests, marshland and sandstone outcrops.

Mashatu, “Land of Giants”, takes its name from the Mashatu tree, and the giants that roam its terrain. It provides sanctuary to the world’s largest mammal the Elephant, tallest mammal the Giraffe, the world’s largest antelope the Eland, the world’s largest bird the Ostrich, and the world’s heaviest flying bird the Kori Bustard. Add the lion and the iconic baobab and you have it all, Africa’s Big Seven. And birdlovers flock themselves to Mashatu as it is home to more than 350 bird species.

Exploring the Tuli Block will awaken the adventurous spirit in all. Discover the curious and captivating geographical features such as Solomon’s Wall, Tswapong, and Lepokole hills where the ancestors of the San people left traces of their rock paintings and Stone Age tools. The descendants of the original inhabitants still live in Molalatu just north of the Tuli Block.

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Lodges & Camps

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Mashatu Main Camp, with its 14 luxury suites, is an oasis among the undulating and seemingly endless plains of the wild. Burning torches at the camp’s entrance beckon safari-goers home to the embodiment of sublime hospitality.

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Mashatu Tented Camp, with a maximum of 14 guests, is for the traveler looking for a one-on-one bush experience. Simple, complete, intimate and where camaraderie with other guests makes for lasting friendships.

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