MalaMala Rattray’s

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MalaMala Rattray’s

The epitome of regal colonial safari-style

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Rattray’s on MalaMala offers a glimpse of an era long past, when distant travellers to Africa married the magic of the wild with an elegance and refinement that have been immortalized in Karen Blixen’s epic tale, ‘Out of Africa’. The epitome of regal colonial safari-style, the newest addition to the MalaMala portfolio is a culmination of over 40 years of experience within the Rattray Family.

Rattray’s on MalaMala bears the style of crystal and leather, with beautiful furnishings that are a treat to the connoisseur of the finer things in life, captured over generations on a land that remains as old as time. There is a beautifully appointed library containing rare African books and magnificent works of art and an elegant African-themed dining room with full air-conditioning. Additionally, Rattray’s on MalaMala has a beautiful historic bar featuring photographs of the early days of this unique area and its pioneers. One can’t miss their large wooden safari deck where meals are served and where you can enjoy an awesome game viewing experience in itself!

There are 8 suites or khayas (the Zulu for “home”) each functioning as an inclusive home, resplendent with hand-selected furnishings, lavish his-and-hers bathrooms, a secluded outdoor shower and a private heated plunge pool. Private dining can be arranged in the luxury of your intimate khaya. A total of 16 guests are accommodated at Rattray’s.

Leisure time can be spent taking a swim in the large infinity pool with magnificent views across the river or browsing the well-appointed safari boutique for that special gift. A small fitness facility is available with stationary bicycle, treadmill, multi-gym machine, sit up benches, free weights, mats and a steam room. A massage service is available on request.

No children under the age of 16 at Rattray’s. 

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