Leadwood Lodge

A blazing fireplace in each suite offers a cozy refuge when cool nights creep in

Situated on a wooded bank of the Sand River, Leadwood’s four suites offer solitude and serenity and since the suites are carefully distanced from each other, Leadwood is ideal for families or parties of friends who want to share their safari experiences without intruding on each other’s privacy. The rest of the world instantly slips away as you take ownership of your own private little piece of Africa at Leadwood Lodge.

Constructed for maximum privacy, none of the four suites overlook each other, ensuring total serenity and solitude. Simply relax on your private deck or while away the hours absorbed in the peace of the bush. Floor to ceiling glass windows in the front of your suite afford wide views of the animals coming down to drink at the rocky watering hole. The colours and textures of the bush follow you indoors and even the indoor shower is encased in glass.

Even the shared guest areas at Leadwood are intimate, with clever use of steps and levels to create secluded areas for cosy gatherings of friends. Tuck yourself away in a private corner with a book or enjoy a refreshing drink under the boughs of a jackalberry tree on the spacious deck. With a granite river bank in front of the lodge, you’re bound to spot a four-legged visitor or two on their way to quench their thirst. When the sun gets too hot, you too can have a refreshing dip in the king size plunge pool on the private deck of your suite.

The open-air dining room welcomes you with wholesome aromas and friendly faces. Linger over a leisurely meal under the roughly hewn bush chandelier or join in the hearty fare around a blazing fire in the boma. When the chill of the African night comes creeping up, retire to the warmth and comfort of your own fireplace in your private suite. The deep, free-standing tub in the bathroom beckons and the underfloor heating chases the chill from the smooth rock floor.

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